Aztech WL730RT4 as WiFi Router

I wanted to use my spare WiFi AP router as a wireless bridge between two of my Local Area Networks. My primary Wireless AP Router is an Aztech WL830RT4.

The Aztech WL730RT4 as sold in Malaysia cannot be set as a WiFi Access Point (AP) Router or repeater. Page 8 of the manual has instructions for operation in bridge mode so this is clearly possible. The WL730RT4 uses a Realtek RTL8186 System on Chip (SoC) and should work with other RTL8186-based routers' firmware, like the Abocom WR254 or the Allied Telesyn WA1104G.

Grabbed a handy firmware from here and flashed my WL730RT4 with it. A little pinging showed that my new IP address is now The account name to use is admin and there is no password. First update the password to something more secure, and then change the IP address to something more handy, like that of the subnet you want to bridge.

Next, set the 'Operation Mode' to 'Bridge' (screenshot)

Then set the 'Wireless Basic Settings' Mode to 'Client' (screenshot)

Remember to use the same security settings as your main Access Point (screenshot). Hopefully it is some sensible setting like WPA or WPA2.

Then do a Wireless Site Survey. Your primary Access Point should be listed (screenshot). Check the 'Select' box. The screenshot shows two APs of which only one has been selected.

Connect your subnet to the WL730RT4. Enjoy.

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